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If you need a law firm in Thailand then look no further than GAM Legal Alliance. When moving to Thailand for retirement then you should consider a law firm in Thailand for your Thai immigration needs. Like many foreigners who retire you might get married again as this is not uncommon. Registering your marriage as well as drafting a prenuptial agreement will be needed.

When settling down in Thailand you might need to buy property or lease property. Many decide to buy a small condominium to cut their costs however buying property in Thailand is not always as simple as it sounds. You will need to have a due diligence done on the property as title deed fraud can be an issue. There might also be liens against the property such as a usufruct or superfices.

The lawyers at  GAM Legal Alliance in Thailand will be your best choice. Start today by sending them an email as has been listed below.

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If you need more information on maritime law in Thailand or buying property you should always take proper legal advice. On this website you will find a very basic overview of what type of service are available in Thailand from a expatriate law firm. With the changes in Thai immigration laws you will also need to keep abreast of the annual changes. This is important if you are going to live in Thailand permanently. There is also other issues which you might want to consider at this time. You can search this website for more information or simply send an email with your concerns.

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