Starting a Business in Thailand: Licenses

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Starting a Business in Thailand: Licenses

Starting a business Thailand licenses can become complex so you should speak to a lawyer in Thailand with regards to your options of corporate registration. Search this website for more information on business registration. For a business in Thailand there are taxes which you need to be registered for as well as licenses in order to sell certain products.

Starting a Business in Thailand: Licenses

If you are starting a business in Thailand then you need to ensure that you company has been duly registered and that you have also got the lawyer in Bangkok or more generally Thailand to register the business for taxes. Depending on the type of business you will also need to ensure that your new business has all the proper licences to operate in Thailand.

Liquor license:

If you are going to open a restaurant or bar in Thailand then you are also going to need to apply for a liquor license in order to sell beer and wine. You attorney will normally advice you about this if you tell him what type of business you are starting. They will need a copy of your business registration, proof of the business address as well as a copy of your lease. Someone will also need to check the zoning on the property if you are planning on having a disco. If you are a Thai or placing the business in your Thai wife’s name then a copy of her Tabian Baan will also be needed.

Cigarette License:

You cannot run a proper restaurant, bar or disco without the ability to sell cigarettes. You will need to speak to your attorney about this as well as it is normally done with a liquor license application. Note that there are laws in Thailand which prohibit certain business close to temples and schools. This will also have to be checked and at times they do require a deposit during the application process.

Entertainment License:

If you are going to have an entertainment venue then you are going to need an entertainment licence. These are a bit more expensive and time consuming to obtain. Much like the liquor license its location becomes of prime importance in Thai law. Note that a massage business is also viewed as an entertainment and this type of business is heavily regulated. Again speak to a lawyer in Bangkok about Starting a Business in Thailand: Licensesthis as it does become complex.

Food License:

Selling food with require a food license in Thailand from the local authority. These are relatively easy to obtain compared to the other licenses in Thailand.

TAT license:

If you are planning on running and owning a tour operator business. Then you should also ensure that you have been registered with the Tourist Authority of Thailand. This as you are going to need a TAT license.

If you are starting a business in Thailand. Then take proper legal advice to ensure that you are not stuck in red tape.  This is a major step in Thailand. This as a work permit needs to be secured as well as business registration and all the needed licenses.

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