Finding a Lawyer in Bangkok

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Finding a Lawyer in Bangkok

Finding a Lawyer in Bangkok can be difficult. If you are moving to Thailand and need advice on immigration, property and marriage and need a good lawyer in Bangkok?  Finding a lawyer in Bangkok or Phuket can be difficult as the language has always been a barrier when trying to figure the laws in Thailand. Always seek professional advice from a law firm in Thailand.

Finding a Lawyer in Bangkok

Lawyer in Bangkok

Using a lawyer in Bangkok is a good start as the Land Office is located in Bangkok and most Embassies in Thailand. If you are getting married in Thailand. Then the marriage registration also needs documents from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Laksi outside of Bangkok.

Property in Phuket

Many foreigners and expats have invested in property in Thailand. during the European economic downturn the property market in Thailand grew and prices remained stable. If you are looking at buying a condo in Thailand. Then speak to an attorney about the property laws of Thailand. This as the market is not well regulated and the services of a qualified attorney could save you the loss of your investment. The property purchase process can be very complex as foreigners. This is normally allowed to own a villa or house in their names except under certain conditions. There are also the FET (Foreign Exchange Transactions) rules which dictate how the money enters Thailand for the property purchase.

Family Law in Phuket

Many expats get married in Thailand and need to have their marriage registered. Many also require that their visa status gets changed to reflect this. The marriage visa for Thailand is much easier to obtain than the retirement visa. Those who are married to a Thai national tend to apply for a marriage visa. If you are not going to be living in Thailand then you can also apply for a US K1 Visa from Thailand. This or an Australian visa for a Thai to take your Thai wife or fiancee back to your home country. You can also apply for a Thailand spouse visa if you are going to stay in Thailand. Always take proper legal advice from a Bangkok law firm.


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