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Divorce in Thailand

One type of divorce in Thailand is the uncontested divorce, which is the bureaucratic form of divorce in Thailand. It is more favored because it is quick and easy to understand. Both the spouses should be present when appealing for an uncontested divorce in Thailand. For this type of divorce, the spouses do not need to have a basis to terminate their marriage.

Their shared agreement to end the marriage is sufficient. However, not everyone may avail of this type of divorce. Only those who had their marriage registered in Thailand can have this option for divorce.

Divorce in ThailandThe divorcing couples should personally appear before the local register (amphur, amphoe or khet) for this process. A family member, lawyer, counsel or solicitor may not appear for either of the spouses. Personal appearance is a necessity because the spouses are required to answer queries regarding their decision to terminate the marriage. The officer must make sure that the spouses’ decision to divorce is attained voluntarily and without force.

Lately, married couples had been granted the uncontested divorce in Thailand from a different amphur from where they registered the marriage in Thailand. The local District Officer may demand the presentation of more paper works before processing the divorce. Once the divorce is granted, the amphur would issue the divorce certificate in Thai. Foreigners are required to have the proclamation translated to English and legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. Then will the divorce be published and then registered with their consulate or Embassy in Bangkok.

Unopposed Divorce

Meanwhile, Thais are required to report their divorce to the Amphur where they registered their birth, probably in their home town. And also, Thai women divorcees are mandated to change back to their maiden name. Their National ID and passport must be revised to show the maiden name again and all these should be updated.

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