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Our Bangkok law firm. If you are getting married in Thailand and need assistance with the registration process. Maybe you are starting a business in Thailand and need to register a business or apply for a business license. You might be wanting to get divorced in Thailand. Whatever it is you are going to need the services of a law firm in Bangkok.

Bangkok Law Firm

Family Law:

Getting married or divorced in Thailand can be difficult and complex. Marriage registration requires a letter of affirmation, translation and certification from Thai Foreign Affairs and then only can you register your marriage in Thailand. If you need a prenuptial agreement then this would need to be filed at the same time. Divorce is complex and there can either be an unopposed divorce which is done at the local district office or a complex litigated divorce which could run for more than 2 years. You will always need to seek proper legal advice in both these matters.

Bangkok Law FirmProperty Law:

Very few things can become as complex as property transfers in Thailand when a proper due diligence has not been done on the property. Trying to recover you money after the fact is costly and will not guarantee that you will get your money back. Property scams do exist in Thailand and you need to ensure that you had proper legal advice for starters. If you are going to buy a condo and you wish to have a Thai company hold the property then you will need to register a business in Thailand for this purpose. Always take proper advice before you sign any agreement in Thailand.

Business Registration:

Starting a business in Thailand can be tough if you don’t know what you are doing. Seek legal advice first as you will need to ensure that the zoning for your business is correct, that you have the proper business licences as well as having been registered for taxes in Thailand. The business also needs to be registered and there are a number of options to this. Don’t forget your work permit if you plan to work in your own business. There is more information on this located on this website.

Thai Visa:

Thailand offers a number of options depending on your age and status. If you are older than 50 and can meet the financial requirements for an income of 800,000THB per year then you can retire in Thailand. If you are married to a Thai national and an income of 40,000THB per month then you can also stay in Thailand. Each of these is for 12 months at a time before they need to be renewed. See those pages for more specific details.

Whatever you do in Thailand you are going to need the services of a law firm. Be this to assist you with registering a business or applying for a visa extension. It could be to get divorced or to buy a property where a due diligence report is needed. Always find good solid legal advice in Bangkok with a proper law firm.