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Thailand Divorce Agreement

What does the Thailand divorce agreement entail? These are the basics for the divorce agreement. During a divorce process, some issues on marriage have to be settled by the divorcing couple such as: child custody, allotment of marital property, provisions on spousal alimony and child support. A Thailand Divorce Agreement is a contract between divorcing couples who have agreed to settle their issues regarding marital property division, including child custody and support, prior to being granted the divorce.

Thailand Divorce AgreementThailand Divorce Agreement

In most countries, this contract is known as the settlement agreement. Not only does it settle issues on the division of child custody and marital property, but may also contain provisions for spousal support and alimony, including child support. It is advisable to hire a Thailand divorce lawyer to draft a divorce agreement.

Thailand divorce agreements serve as a legal arrangement on all the rights and privileges of each spouse after being granted the divorce. This contract addresses all the after-marital issues including the living arrangement of the child and which one gets custody. This arrangement will divide marital property and decide on the amount of financial support as for the spouse and child. The power of the Divorce Agreement binds the divorcing couple, the administrators and executors, assigns and their heirs.

The divorce agreement should be signed by both parties in front of at least two witnesses, and registered at the local district office. For cases where the provision has been violated by any one or both parties. The case may be brought to court for its enforcement. The Thai Court will see to it that the covenant of the couple involved in the agreement will be administered. As this agreement is signed by both parties and two witnesses. Then registered at the local district office. It goes to show that it is a public instrument and is considered as a piece of evidence. This in proving the parties’ to necessary after-marital issues and can be brought to enforcement. In case any violation of the provisions is committed by one or both parties.

What is needed?

Having a legal document to materially represent an agreement of parties is very necessary. The divorce agreement is considered as valuable evidence which can be used and relied on if any of the provisions and terms is being violated. The Thai Court will prioritize the consideration of the content of the agreement. This as it is the pure intent and covenant of the divorcing couple. See also the article on divorce on this website.