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Work Permit for Thailand

This is the work permit for Thailand. If you have started your own business then you are going to need a Thai work permit. In order to do this you will need a proper visa such as a business visa or a marriage visa. You would also have had your business registered, registered for VAT as well as registered all its licenses. All these documents will now be needed in order to get your work permit issued at the Thai Labour Department.

Work Permit for Thailand

Most expats will use a law firm in Bangkok to complete the application process as the application process changes from time to time. Note that if you are going to teach in Thailand (be this your own school as a teacher) then they will also ask about a Teacher Licence as well as a CBC (Criminal Work Permit for ThailandBackground Check).

The following documents are needed for the work permit to be issued. You need to provide the needed documents which you should have from your company registration. If you had a work permit before in Thailand then you need to find your tax card as well to show that you had paid taxes before. The following documents your lawyer should be able to assist you with.

Your documents needed:

You are going to need to provide the following documents for your work permit application in Thailand. The all documents are certified and need to be correct. Some of these documents will need to be certified by your local Embassy in Thailand. The following documents you will need:

  • –   Your passport – they will require copies of all the pages of the passport;
  • –   Also your business visa or marriage visa in your passport;
  • –   Your Departure Card TM.6 in your passport;
  • –   You will need a copy of your degree or diploma; (not if self-employed)
  • –   Your blood group is now also required with your home country address;
  • –   The medical certification in Thailand now with a syphilis stage 3 test;
  • –   Your photos which has been taken in the last 6 months;
  • –   Also your Thai Marriage Certificate if you are married to Thai citizen;
  • –   Your Thai wife’s ID card and also her Tabian Baan;
  • –   Your Withholding Tax PND 1 form and PND 91 form if this is a renewal of the permit.

The following documents will be needed by the Thai Labour Department to issue you with a work permit in Thailand. If you have any questions then speak to a lawyer in Bangkok or a lawyer in Phuket for more information.

Company Documents needed:

  • You will need the Commercial Registration Department;
  • You will need a Shareholders List certified by the Commercial Registration Department;
  • Also you will also need the Factory License (if required);
  • You will also need a VAT Certificate – Phor Phor 20 of the business;
  • You will also need the Withholding Tax – Phor Ngor Dor 1 for a renewal of the permit.

Consult a law firm in Bangkok or law firm in Phuket for more information about the Thai work permit process and application. The rules and process does change more often than not and this is why the above should only be used as guidance and nothing more. Check with the attorneys for any changes since this page was written.


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