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US Tourist visa for Thai nationals

This is the US tourist visa for Thai nationals. The tourist visa is a Non-Immigrant type of visa that grants a Thai national to enter the US temporarily. Thailand does not belong to the visa waiver country that is why a Thai citizen who wants to travel to the United States needs to acquire a US Tourist Visa by submitting an application at the US Embassy in Bangkok or US Consulate in Chiang Mai.

US Tourist visa for Thai nationals

There is no fixed method for a successful US Tourist visa application. The decision to deny or grant your visa is with the visa officer doing your interview. If he or she thinks that you’re trying to hide something, then your application will be denied even if you have shown lots of US Tourist visa for Thai nationalsevidence and documentations.

It is always important to be prepared not only with paperwork, but, also for answers during the interview date. All details stated in the online form must go together with your documentations and must be identical to your answers on the time of interview.

The first step in applying for a US Tourist Visa is filling out the Form DS-160 online. Write down the Application ID so you can resume with your application in case you get disconnected or you need to take a break. After submitting the application online, you need to proceed with payment and will be issued a receipt with the bank. By then, you can move on in making appointment with either the US Embassy in Bangkok or Consulate in Chiang Mai for a visa interview.

US Visa Interview

It is advisable to arrive 30 minutes early for your visa interview in Thailand. This to give you enough time to go through security. Make sure you have with you your passport and any necessary documents for your application. When you arrive for your interview, you will submit your passport and all the necessary documents. Afterwards, a visa officer will check your application with you. Then ask questions to verify that you will depart the US before your visa expires. Make sure to answer the questions honestly and openly. Once your visa is approved. You will need to buy an envelope at the Thai Post counter. So that your visa can be returned to you.

Knowing what to do, what to prepare and what to answer may give you the sense of peace within you. Getting the right information regarding the process will be an advantage. This to make you feel more comfortable during the time of your interview.

If you have any questions about the US Visa for a Thai national and the process then speak with us, we are best able to assist you with your US visa application.

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