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Thai Maritime Law

These are the basic of Thai maritime law. You will need to find a lawyer in Thailand who can help you facilitate vessel registration transactions. This can be for both private individuals and also for corporate clients which are common. Finding an expatriate law firm with Thai lawyers allows for easy explanation to you of the legal aspects concerning both the purchase in Thailand as well as the registration of vessels in Thailand.

Thai Maritime Law

What is needed for Yacht registration:

  1. Vessel Due Diligence – Your attorney will have to conduct a search of the Vessel’s License and Certificate at the Marine Department. This is important as it is to ensure that the seller of the vessel is the current (lawful) owner of the Vessel you are wanting to buy. Once this is done they also need to ensure that all the documents have been translated into English.
  2. Review of Contract – The attorney should also review the Purchase Agreement for the vessel and all the related contracts. They will need to give you a legal opinion on the agreement and see if modifications would need to be done. Should modifications of any of the documentation be necessary to protect your interests. The lawyer will now need to contact the seller to ensure that the changes to the contract has been made.

Business Setup

  1. Registration of a Yacht  – They should also prepare a Power of Attorney for this process to be completed. Note that the application form and also the related documents. The attorney can register the Vessel at the Marine Department in Thailand.
  2. Tourism License– If you are going to open a business in tourism with the vessel. Then you will need to speak to an attorney about a Tourism license. The Tourism Authority of Thailand License at the Bureau of Tourism and Guide Registration need to be applied for.
  3. Setting Up a Thai Company – There is the option os registering a business who then owns the yacht or vessel. This can be done and you would need to speak to an attorney about this.

If you are going to be buying a vessel (yacht/trawler) in Thailand then it is best to speak to a lawyer in Thailand about the process as well as your intentions in Thailand as you might also require a work permit.