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Visa run in Thailand

What is a visa run in Thailand? If you are leaving Thailand for the purpose of applying for a new Thai visa, extending a visa and availing a new visa stamp at the nearest Thai embassy or consulate are already clarified how a Thai visa run simply. The country’s neighbouring countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, The Philippines and even Hong Kong become the destination for most foreigners who have staying and been staying in Thailand long term have faced going for a visa run to any of these countries in order to either extend a visa, apply for a new visa or avail a new visa stamp as the visa being held requires so.

Visa run in Thailand

Extending a visa usually has expired within 30 days along the visa run. You will be able to obtain additional 15 days in case of border crossing. Also another 30 days in case of  coming back to Thailand by plane. Applying a new visa, by contrast, is defined as going to the Thai embassy or consulate in a neighbouring country to apply for a visa such as going to the Thai embassy or consulate in a neighboring country to apply for a visa that is processing for a visa run to apply for a visa.

Finally, types of Thai visa still requires you to leave every 90 days for availing a new stamp although they are valid for a year as the case for one year multiple entry Thai visas received from a Thai embassy or consulate overseas. Failure to leave within 90 days causes overstay fine. This and possible repeal of the visa thus you ought to be notice this visa limitation.

A good number of visa agencies appeared in every major city of Thailand. They can assist you with your visa at a reasonable cost. Visa extension and visa stamps can advantage you to go to the border and to come back.

If you stay in Phuket, you can contact to RoadRunner Visa Run Service. Its a good agency meeting point in front of Clark Field Restaurant in Patong. They provide a daily trip to Rayong (Thai-Burma border) by van including return trip to the border. This with free breakfast, processing of the visa extension/stamps. This in order to prevent you from the complication to do it yourself.

Note: This is an old article. Thai immigration over the years has clamped down hard on visa runs. They are no more.