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Marriage Requirements in Thailand

These are the marriage requirements in Thailand. If you are in Thailand and wanting to get married then you should read the page on marriage registration in Thailand as it gives you a good overview of what the process is both with the Thai government as well as the local Embassies in Bangkok. If you are going to register a prenuptial agreement or are planning on staying in Thailand then speak to a lawyer in Bangkok about your options.

Marriage Requirements in Thailand

If you are unsure then speak to a lawyer in Bangkok about what it is that you are unsure of. As an example, if you are getting married to a woman that has been divorced in the past year then she will require a medical certificate for the marriage registration to show that she is not pregnant. The following as the basics:

  • –     You and your fiancée in Thailand must be over the age of 17 years;
  • –     If your Thai fiancée is between 17 and 20 then she will need her parents’ permission;
  • –     You as well as your Thai fiancée must be getting married voluntary;
  • –     You cannot marry your relatives in Thailand;
  • –     If your wife has been divorced in the last 310 days then she needs to prove she is not pregnant;
  • –     You can’t marry someone that has been declared insane;
  • –     Gay marriage in Thailand is not allowed even though you can apply for a UK partner visa.

Marriage Requirements in ThailandMarriage Registration:

Note that you and your Thai fiancée has to be over the age of 17 on the day of the marriage registration. Note however that if she is between the ages of 17 and 20 then her parents will have to be at the Amphurs offices when the marriage is registered. Also not that the process for a Filipina is also very similar before the age of 21. The Embassy will require the person to have a letter from their parents to confirm. This that they have spoken to their child and that they have given them permission to get married.

Arranged marriages are not uncommon in Asia. However it is illegal in Thailand when the marriage is not being done voluntary. These have legal issued attached to it and you will need to seek legal advice in this regard. Islamic marriage in Thailand is permitted. However there is an entirely different process for this to be in line with the marriage laws in Thailand. Most times an attorney will arrange the meeting with the Islamic Centre if a conversion needs to be done.

Divorced People

Also note that you cannot get married to a divorced woman in Thailand without a certificate from a doctor to state that she is not pregnant. This law with its 310 day rule is still applicable in Thailand. Today so ensure that if you are getting married to a divorced woman that the divorce occurred more than a year before the marriage date.

Same sex marriage in Thailand is not allowed and thus cannot be registered. You can however have a wedding ceremony. This as these are rather common in places such as Phuket with all its wedding locations.

Always seek legal advice or speak to a lawyer in Bangkok before you get married and wanting to live in Thailand or retire in Thailand as the property laws are far more complex that the marriage laws.

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